workshop_apresentacaoThe growing market on offer has made the process of choosing an instrument somewhat difficult and very susceptible to the effects of marketing and advertising employed by manufacturers. During the use of an instrument, every musician will eventually need to resort to specialized technical services for some kind of assistance or maintenance in their instrument.

In many cases, small interventions are essential to correct or even improve the musicality of the instrument. Nonetheless, the instances in which musicians are easily convinced to pay for unsatisfactory or needless services are frequent. After the deed is done, many admit that they don’t complain since they cannot understand, and therefore argue about the practical result of the performed intervention.

As repair technicians, we have concrete knowledge about the needs and concerns that worry musicians. For this reason, we decided to create educational Workshops with the goal of sharing theoretical and practical knowledge with the participants. Skills that allow them to be able to understand the functioning of their instruments, as well as to be able to evaluate the characteristics of their instruments in a real and effective way.

The workshops have to two modalities:

Guitar and Bass Setup & Maintenance Workshop
Guitar and Bass Electrical Components Workshop

Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM (1 hour lunch break). Workshop dates are anounced through Facebook and Instagram.