Guitar Rehab is a stringed instruments workshop that offers setup and tuning, repair, restoration and customization services, for both electric and acoustic instruments.

Repair and Restoration

servicos_lateral– Basic setup
– Setup with fret dressing
– Refretting
– Handcrafted bone nuts and bridge saddles
– Shielding of electronic components
– Pickup replacement
– Pre-amplifier installation on acoustic guitars
– Truss rod repair
– Structural repairs like broken headstocks, damaged soundboards or unglued bridges, among others
– Painting and finishing
– Instrument customization



Bespoke builds

Guitar Rehab also offers bespoke build services of stringed instruments according to the vision and needs of the musicians who will play them.

Prices and budget estimates

Prices depend on the specific condition of each instrument and/or equipment. We suggest that you stop by the workshop so we can evaluate your case and present you a detailed budget.

Requests for customizations and modifications will be analysed on an individual case.

For further information about our services or to make your custom instrument come true, contact us at